Solve azure sync reconnect mailbox to on-premise users

Export mailbox from online user

  1. Go to
  2. Click on search content
  3. Open the tab “search”

4. Create a new query, give a usefull name

5. Select “Exhange-mailbox” and select the users you like to export

6. Select that you want to export the e-mails

7. Click on the created qeury and click on actions

8. Choose in this menu for “export results”
9. Open the second tab “Export”

10. Follow the instructions and “Export results”

11. This wil link to a (download)tool where you can paste the export key and download the files

Remove the online user and create on synced domain controller

  1. Remove the user online in Office 365
  2. Make sure that the user is completly gone
  3. Create the user on the domaincontroller
  4. Extra you could create a unique proxy adres to link the mailbox, otherwise you will get an error for multiple records found.
!! Make sure that the user has a mailbox before you continue !!

Import mailbox into on-premise synced user

  1. Go to
  2. Click on information management
  3. Open the tab “Import”

4. Create a new import task with a unique name

5. Choose how you want to upload your files

6. Uploading the files is done true “Azure AzCopy” you can download this on this page
7. Copy the SAS-URL and install “Azure AzCopy”

8. Create the upload cmd as following, the bold highlighted text are the things that you need to change for personal use

azcopy /Source:"D:\tmp\tom" /Dest:"" /nc:2 /Y

9. Run the command in the AzCopy terminal

10. Create the mapping for the users this is done in a .csv file

11. Approve that the mapping is made and the files are uploaded

12. Upload the mapping csv and validate the file

13. First the file will be checked, you will receive a mail when the file is ok

14. If you refresh you will now be able to import the data to office 365 (a new button will appaer)